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****Hey my people! Welcome to my BLOG, so glad to see you have found your way here. Join me on my road of life, though the ups and downs, I will give God praise and hopefully be an encouragement to someone else. Though young, I hope to share knowledge, wisdom and advice. Peace and LOVE****

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Speaking The Word Into The Lives of Millions: Prophet Manasseh Jordan

Hey my people!!! i know i have been gone a while.... i still love you guys! but you all have got to check this "young prophet". His name is Manasseh Jordan. He is sooo anointed ans has a deep, deep calling on his life. Just wanted to let you all know.... be blessed*** peace and love

Monday, July 5, 2010

African Christian Fellowship

I know i have been away for a while, plse forgive me! Its called life lol
WOW what a weekend i have had!!! I went to the African Christian Fellowship South Region Conference. Well, from my understanding it is an organization, founded in 1977 run by Africans who love the Lord; who want to make a difference in their city, their state, their country and their world for the Lord. There are different chapters in different cities all over the United States. These chapters come together in different conferences and have a Ball, network and make a difference. It was a great experience and I truly loved it.!! Now i will spread the word about A.C.F., an organization I have only known about just since January of this year. I was able to see people my age who on fire for the Lord, and it really gladened my heart to see young men loving the Lord. I felt like I belonged, I felt at home. I was able to meet my brother and sisters from all over Africa who share common goals as I. Its a beautiful thing.! Here is the website for the main page:
and for the youth: www.acfusa-ya.org or google it baby!
I wish this link would light up so you all can click on it and boom: the website, but anyway you all please take the time and look at this wonderful organization!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Making Acara!

hey my peeps, i did a tutorial on how to make Acara(popular Nigerian food), hopefully helping those who want to add another recipe under his or her belt! Enjoy!! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Brown Ppl..

Just a song of encouragement... enjoy!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am Trying...

It's like I want to be nice and not have a biased opinion about this person. I am really trying to treat them with respect and show love to them(what the good book says), when everyone else is talking bad about this person. But that is kind of hard to do, especially when this person can be disrespectful and has an attitude. So I am asking God to help me. I am asking Yahweh aka Jesus to transform my heart and renew my mind. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes, but this one is a bit hard to forgive.... But in order for God to forgive me, i must forgive others right?! If I look at this person, in the eyes of God, he loves them with all his heart. They are his creation. Well, i am having a hard time looking at this issue that way. Of course I am not God, but I still am trying to live a righteous life. This journey is a constant walk...a daily walk. But I thank God he loves me soo much and I will try to love too. TRY is the key word. Lord, i will need your help!!!
alright that's all peeps. Does anyone else feel me? or am i alone or does this sound confusing? lol
Peace and love**

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My God...

Have you ever thought just how big God is? The one who created this earth, the sun, the planets, the universe, the galaxies and us. Sometimes we out God in a box, I know I do. I forget how big and powerful he is. While worshiping this morning to: "How Great Thou Art" the version by Crystal Lewis(love her!); I just felt the presence of God and how bi he is. And the fact that he would come and visit me, out of all the things he has to do. WOW, isn't that amazing?! Sometimes I forget the love God has for us, because I am always thinking about the wrong I have done; though you should always be striving to get better in Christ. But still, we are probably more harsh on ourselves than God himself is sometimes. Just a thought! Sometimes I worry too much about little things, when all I have to do go to God in prayer. Even if I don't feel like God is listening...HE IS! Amazing God! I challenge you just to get into the presence of God everyday and see how your life will change :) Love and peace... talk to you all later!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Response to Tye Tribbett's call for singers and dancers

Hey my people, this is a video i did in response to Mr. Tye Tribbett casting call video. He's looking for young people who love sing and dance for the Kingdom of God. I encourage you, if you are at least 18 years old, love, love the Lord, has great energy and charisma and can sing and dance.. then you should audition... you never know what can happen! I know that I AM BELIEVING this to be a one in a lifetime chance to pursue what i believe I have been called to do. Amen!! I just wanted to drop in and say what it do?! Alright you guys see ya..:)